Future Ventures

While we build out the Field Life Inc. brand we have a few ideas in mind. Tell us what you think!

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Sh!tbag Apparel

Military humor merchandise done right! This line of apparel is for the irreverent and misfits in the platoon. Drinking games, memes, funny shirts, and good times. 


(Viewer discretion is advised)

Field Day Cleaning Services

If there is one thing transitioning servicemembers are well trained and proficient in, its cleaning! Sit back and relax as we field day your house or office space. We guarantee a difference of night and day at a competitive price with just the right team of well trained professionals!

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Neighborhood Battlefield

The name needs some work but the idea is solid! Real Guns, Real Pain, Real Fun! Laser tag on steroids, we have developed a pain based penalty system for a laser tag experience using REAL GUNS! Training and fun mixed into one great experience.



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