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Service Continued

Our entire team is made up of Active Duty and Veteran service members with a collective set of skills Hannibal himself would like to have. We strive to provide excellent service at a great price point in a myriad of of ways including: Website Design , IT Solutions, Event Planning, E-Sports, Videography, and more.

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IT Solutions

Full Scope Solutions

We embrace the term nerd, and have a team of them with a variety of skills battle tested and learned out in the field. We like to cut our teeth on the newest products out there to implement for our customers. We have more nerds that can do more things than you probably need. Some things we know are cybersecurity, network and systems engineering, web design, and graphic design. If you need a team of highly skilled professionals to watch your six, look no further.

While serving across the country and world one of our favorite pass times is gaming. We saw buddies come and go on different orders and wanted to stay connected. The best way for us to see them was through playing video games online. We wanted to make that possible for the entire military community, and thus Grunt Games was born.

Grunt Games offers the military community to stay connected no matter the distance. Grunt Games will also be hosting tournaments with prizes in many different games! Make sure to connect and join the community.



Gaming for Veterans


Charity Consulting

Veterans help charity

Here at field life the service back to the community never ends. We hope to serve the people that serve our country, and we do that by consulting charities such as Tuesday's Children. Recently we helped Tuesday's Children create an Esports tournament called "Keeping the Promise" to help support the fallen victims of September 11th.