About Us

Life is hard, especially the field life....


From standing in the armory line at 0330 for a hike that doesn't start till 7, to make-up field day on Saturday....we have been there and done that. 


With over 50 years of combined military service including multiple combat tours, our founders set out on a new mission:  Help veterans make the transition from active service to civilian sector with minimal hardship.


What We Do

Our ambitious goal is to provide veterans with guaranteed jobs for a transitional period of 60-90 days. During this time period they will not only perform service based jobs for a salary wage matching their military pay grade, but participate in a transitional readiness course. 


Military members are all instilled with the ability to adapt and overcome. No matter the nature of your business we provide teams of disciplined professionals who can conquer any task at a competitive price.


We specialize in Information Technology, Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, Physical Security, Marketing and Advertisement, and so much more! 

Ready for Parade

Why We Do What We Do

Our founder got one phone call too many that a friend had killed themselves. Like so many before him this fallen brother had left active service in attempted escape from his demons and not only did they remain, but the many stressors during the transition period seemed unbearable. We lost him...


No more, not if we can help it. Transitioning service members deserve the same  brotherhood and cover in their new mission as they did in their old.  

Military Humvee